03 / 09 / 19


ZIP III represents national and international artists to open up a dialogue about the possibilities of a globalized society through our digital social world.

Where legal and physical barriers separate and silence people, digital platforms offer a global unlimited space for unlimited voices. We are breaking through the physical borders across the world right now, of course hinting at the era of Trump and Brexit.

Although Digital Realms have been used as platforms for people to express themselves and to build and foster connections with others, they have become an extension of our inner thoughts, ideas, and feelings—that is, an extension of inner consciousness. Our generation is in many ways becoming integrated within these new forms of self representation through Technology.

Zip gives artists the opportunity to showcase a variety of mediums ranging from; Design, Painting, Digital, Performance, Augmented Reality, and Sculpture. We also represent musicians performing throughout the evening.

10% of the poceeds will be donated to The Lower East Side Girls Club.


Andres Chang
Asiya Yakhina
Carol Civre
Chloe Karayainnis
Erin Ko
Evan Saez
Gina Wagstaffe
Harry Chadha
Lara Torrance
Luisa Alcântara
Luther Young
Nicole della Costa
Pedro Bello Abrante
Syd Abady
Ximena Prieto
Zoe Bleu


Asha Light
Dylan Chenfeld


Allegra Maria Venturi
Chloe Karayiannis

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If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us at zipartshow@gmail.com