03 / 09 / 19


ZIP is a pop-up exhibition series. For the third installment, ZIP presents the theme Pass–Portals: Identity Across Digital Realms. ZIP III is showcasing a group of multinational artists exploring what it means to be human in the twenty–first century amidst an expanding world of Technology.

Digital realms are often used as platforms for personal expression and fostering connections with others. Where legal and physical barriers may separate and silence people, virtual realms have the power to connect and unite individuals. Extending beyond the physical, online platforms can push the boundaries of restrictions thereby, creating a seemingly unlimited space for unlimited voices.

Pass–portals alludes to a passport that grants access to a portal of technological possibility. Each artist has interpreted the theme by utilizing a variety of mediums to express their own unique experiences. This year’s artists are producing work on the subjects of self representation across social media platforms, connection versus isolation in an age of internet accessibility as well as discussing heritage, identity and displacement.

Our goal, with this exhibition, is to foster a dialogue about the significance and possibilities of a globalized society through virtual spaces.

Curated by Allegra Venturi and Chloe Karayiannis


Andres Chang
Asiya Yakhina
Carol Civre
Chloe Karayainnis
Erin Ko
Evan Saez
Gina Wagstaffe
Harry Chadha
Lara Torrance
Luisa Alcântara
Luther Young
Nicole della Costa
Pedro Bello Abrante
Reese Donohue
Seth Pimentel
Syd Abady
Ximena Prieto
Zoe Bleu


7 PM : Luna Izpisua Rodriguez
8 PM : Asha Light
9 PM : Rebounder


Allegra Maria Venturi
Chloe Karayiannis


Josh Aronson
Colin Hughes
Nicole Chan
Ellie Kitman
Phoebe Rose

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If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us at zipartshow@gmail.com